The Sun: Chasing money or chasing debts?

The concept of money is causing many people, me included, disenchantment. This is my most recent column in the Sun newspaper about the concept. I mean, really, it isn’t working anymore, is it? The concept of money?

I have recently become disenchanted with money. The thing is, when the economy is going well, nobody complains or even thinks about money. Businesses don’t close down because of GST and men don’t sit on the street crying because of toll hikes. But when the economy is bad, that is when people despair, turn to crime, or some people, like me, do research.

The monetary system we live in requires more money loaned out than in the previous year, so that debtors (ie everyone) can keep up with the compounding interest payments. This in turn means that the amount of money owed must always be greater than the amount of existing money.

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What do you think about money? Because of the word count limitation, I couldn’t go any further. What kind of solutions do think there might be?