The Sun: Being more human in business?

My most recent outing in the Sun newspaper. Personally, I try to run my business the way I run myself. When my conscience tells me it’s not right, I don’t do it. But I think many businesses don’t run that way. For example, development companies building huge developments with little parking or infrastructure, and one entry and exit. That is not conscionable to my mind.

Why then are businesses treated differently than humans? In other countries, concepts like corporate manslaughter, environmental protection etc are slowly being recognised. After all, if a human can commit such an act, why not a corporation, especially as corporations are run by humans. Yes, businesses and corporations are legal concepts, nothing but air and philosophy to help drive the economy. But surely knitted into the concept of making money is the concept of accountability? Of not harming others? Or do we abandon all principles in pursuit of making money?

For more, click here. What do you think? Do you think businesses should be made more accountable for acts they do? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!