Savasana: The Yoga Pose That Reveals Our True Selves.

Savasana is a powerful yoga pose that can help us to let go of our identities and experience pure consciousness. In this post, we will explore the concept of identity and how it can limit our experience of the world.

Consider stripping away our identities, one by one, until we are left with our true selves. It can be challenging, uncomfortable, and we most likely will resist it. But, ultimately, it is a liberating experience.

Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose, is usually practised at the end of yoga movement practice, because it transcends the physical realm and delves into the very essence of your being.

Let’s take a look at the myth behind Savasana, before we look at how you may want to practise the pose, whether in a sitting practice, or at the end of your movement practice.

The Myth and Essence of Savasana.

In Sanskrit, ‘shava’ translates to ‘corpse’, symbolising pure consciousness in yoga mythology. Shiva embodies this state of pure consciousness, devoid of engagement, expression or form. Shakti is the embodiment or metaphor of pure energy, believed to be untamed, wild, and devoid of consciousness.

For manifestation to take place, Shiva unites with Shakti. This cosmic union births creation, and you are an aspect of the manifestation of this divine partnership. Savasana is a journey that guides you back to this source – the essence that transcends our multifaceted identities.

Dissolving into the Core.

When you begin Savasana practice, you may wish to begin by settling into a comfortable Savasana position, whether your limbs are gently spread or in a position that suits your body’s comfort.

You may sense a gentle release of tension, as you prepare to strip away identities that you craft for yourself to manage life around you.

With your breath and body as anchors, allow yourself to fully experience this moment of release.

Unraveling Identities: A Profound Practice.

As you delve deeper, contemplate your identity on a grand scale – as a member of a nation or citizen of the world. Reflect on the purpose and significance of this identity. With intention, shed this external layer. It’s not the core of who you are; it’s merely a societal label.

Then, shift your focus to your societal identity, perhaps linked to your profession. Is this identity an embodiment of your true self, or an expression that has evolved to fit external expectations? Let go of this layer too, revealing the essence beyond your job title.

Move inward, considering your identity within your community. Whether a friend, neighbour, or colleague, explore this aspect of yourself. Now, with conscious intent, release this layer as well.

As you strip away your identity within your close circle – as a partner, parent, or family member – sense the detachment from these roles. These roles don’t define you; they are expressions of your deeper self.

Spend some time here, as long as it right for you, to submerge into pure consciousness, away from the ways you present yourself to the world, including those who are nearest and dearest, including to yourself.

Integration: Rebuilding with Purpose.

As you gradually reintegrate these layers, be discerning. Keep only the identities that resonate with your true essence. Layer them on mindfully, aligning your core with expressions that are authentic, empowering, and congruent with your true self.

Embrace Your Authentic Self.

As you conclude the practice, take a few moments to reconnect with your breath and body. Make tiny movements, if you wish, which symbolise your reconnection with the world of form and energy.

You have navigated the journey of shedding and rebuilding identities, and now you stand as an authentic manifestation of consciousness.

Benefits and Healing.

This journey through Savasana is a profound exploration of self-discovery and healing. By releasing external identities, you tap into the core of your being, unburdened by societal expectations.

This practice offers solace, authenticity, and the opportunity to redefine your expressions to align with your true essence.

Seeking Professional Guidance.

If this journey stirs deep emotions or if you find yourself overwhelmed, remember that seeking professional guidance is a sign of strength. Therapists, counselors, and grief specialists can provide the support and tools necessary to navigate complex emotions.

Immersion into core.

Savasana, when practiced with intention, is more than a physical pose; it’s an inward journey towards authenticity and healing. As you embrace your true essence, you pave the way for greater self-awareness, inner freedom, and the manifestation of your most genuine self.

Reflect on this post the next time you are in Savasana, or even when you’re in a sitting practice. And tell me your thoughts about it after your practice.

If you would like guidance in this practice, please do contact me. I am happy to help.

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