Foray into the forest!

One of my New Year resolutions is to take outings more this year, at least once a month. January started off well, with my initial thought of taking a trip down to Sekinchan, with its rice fields and beach. But just being from the beach in Pangkor, I decided maybe a trip down to the waterfalls in Hulu Langat might be a better change of pace.

Bhujapidasana by Gabai Falls

So  we headed to the Gabai Falls one Sunday morning. It was great weather, sunny but windy and now and then cloudy. By the time we reached there at around 11 am, there were already a few families and parties of people picnicking and swimming in the many pools around the base, and as well as those on the way up.

The last time I headed up there, I was really sorely disappointed, not with the place, but the state of the place. Especially at the top (the topmost pool via the stairs, not the pools through the trails), there was litter strewn all over the place, heaped up in mounds to the point that flies were crawling all over the place!

This time, happily, the place was really relatively clean. People seemed to be cleaning up their own mess. The water was really cool and fresh and the innocent fun experienced by all was really refreshing from the dusty urban landscape we came from. It even made us forget a little about politics!

After about half an hour or so, we decided to leave to take a drive down to the Semenyih Dam nearby, about a half hour drive down kampung roads, alongside traditional houses on stilts, some homestays and organic farms, as well fishing farms.

By this time, it was around noon and the sun was getting a little bit sharp and bright. Still, it was a joy to be out of the concrete and dust, and into the green of the country, we didn’t really mind a bit.

The Semenyih Dam had a few people fishing along its banks. Thinking back, I should have asked how the fishing was (for the sake of my readers, not because I want to fish!).

After a bit, we took a slow drive to Kajang, looking for food. We passed by lots of memorial parks (who would have thought there would be so many burial grounds in that area). Eventually, we decided to head back for a late lunch, rather than look for somewhere to eat. It was a good outing! Next round, perhaps Sekinchan!

What road trips have you taken recently?