Yoga for bros.

More and more men are making the move into yoga. The latest trend in male workouts is yoga. Men every where are finding that yoga increases strength, agility and flexibility. Even Hollywood celebrities are ditching their weights for a yoga mat, and some of these guys are known for their bodies. Here are a few:

  • Adam Levine: The lead singer of Maroon 5.
  • Matthew McConaughey: Actor known for never wearing a shirt.
  • David Beckham: After an Achilles’ tendon injury, football star and professional athlete, Beckham began Bikram yoga. No turning back now.
  • Russell Simmons: Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons uses yoga to unwind and relax after a long day.

Some inspiring contemporary male teachers:

  • Mark Gonzales – power yoga, acrobat, personal trainer, he now works for Google.
  • Dean – he began a Youtube account called “Man Flow Yoga“, which became so popular, he has quit his job & gone into yoga full time.
  • Daniel Scott – awesome acro yoga teacher
  • Noah Maze – amazing teacher & I love the yoga philosophy he teaches

On the local scene, the two gurus I really look up to are:

  • Deep Yoga – Deepak Kumar used to do classes only in commercial gyms, but slowly began opening to the Malaysia public through yoga festivals and his own teachers’ training. He is a fun-loving and very knowledgable guy, definitely worth experiencing a class with him.
  • Manoj Khaimal – founder of Manasa School of Yoga, together with his wife Sandhya, Manoj is my guru and honestly no one can compare. Philosophy, asana, just growth as a human being, go for a class with Manoj at Manasa. At the end of the day, there is a reason why of all the people under whose tutelage I could have been, I chose Manoj. Absolutely no regrets!