The Sun: Killing the human being in us

My recent column in the Sun newspaper. A little yoga philosophy again:

This caused me to reflect. We are at a crossroads, aren’t we? True, when someone vents race-based rhetoric, he would be killing the human beings inside us, but when we retaliate, surely we step into some form of judgment? “What a racist!”, for example, causes us to put that person into a two-dimensional identity, something that kind of kills the human being in him.

We do this all the time though, don’t we? I have explored this a number of times this year – how we fixate on identities and how we pigeon-hole others. I admit, we are almost in the last quarter of the year, and I have not entered into all situations with grace. I could have been more gracious when a boss favoured his brand over his staff, for example.

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