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Langkawi – Day 3

The third day on Langkawi was quite a restful day. We decided to head down to a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Kuah town, near the vegetarian restaurant where we had lunch the day before. We then decided to take a drive down to the south-west tip towards Pantai Chenang. The ride was pretty […]

Langkawi – Day 1

I haven’t stepped on to Langkawi for almost ten years. My first visit was when Dr. M just designated the island as a duty free haven. Things were very different in the early 90s. Kuah Town was just fishing village, with one row (at the most two rows, if memory serves me right) of old-skool […]

A rainy afternoon In Morib

When we went to Carey Island recently, I failed to mention that we wanted to drive down to Morib, but decided against it because of the rain. Feeling restless and adventurous, my brother decided to go down with his family to Morib, and I happily jumped on the stationwagon. We took the same route as […]