Langkawi – Day 3

The third day on Langkawi was quite a restful day. We decided to head down to a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Kuah town, near the vegetarian restaurant where we had lunch the day before. We then decided to take a drive down to the south-west tip towards Pantai Chenang.

The ride was pretty and definitely far more interesting than our usual dual carriageway to Kuah from the hotel. The passed by a naval camp, I think, which was really nicely done, hardly looked like a naval camp. And again I marvelled at the roads! They were so slick and smooth with not a bump, not a blemish or hole! I can’t understand why this is the case, when roads in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya (actually chunks of Selangor) are cratered like the moon’s surface.

Within about 20 minutes, we were at Pantai Chenang. My friend mentioned that it was a lot like a ‘sanitized’ version of Phuket. We had no difficulty finding the Underwater World. Even though this was probably the most crowded we had seen Langkawi (aside from Kuah Town and the jetty), we even managed to get a parking spot immediately. We paid our RM28 each, and headed in.

Photo courtesy of LangkawiBeaches.Com

I was impressed, I must admit. It wasn’t like the usual tourist fare you get in KL, which really sometimes is a bit too ‘adorned’ and fake, IMHO. See the youtube video below for most of the photos taken there. BTW, this is my first attempt at putting together a photo slide show with movie maker.


Below are some of the best parts of the Underwater World, if you don’t want to watch the slide show.


We mooched around in the shopping area at the exit of the Underwater World. I even got a sprayed on tattoo that stayed on for a total of one day. Later that night, we came back again to Pantai Chenang for some steamboat and some good ol’ beer on the beach. Nice evening.

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