The Sun – What Makes A Thief

Maybe you might have noticed that there has not been any updates here in awhile. The reason is because there was a break-in at my flat. My computer and backup drive were stolen, among many other things. I was gutted.

Let me ask you, where in the Klang Valley is it safe to live anymore?

From what I see and read, Malaysians over the years have been facing more and more break-ins. While I was growing up, there was no cause or need for gated home communities. Now, gated communities are the norm. In the early 2000s, burglars had tried to break into my parents’ home three times in two weeks. In the last attempt, they cut through the fencing of three houses. Fortunately for us, we kept our dogs inside the house, thwarting their attempts.

With this recent incident, when I made a report to our security, we discovered that this burglar (or burglars) had been making about one break-in a month. Ignoring the blatant lack of security at my flats, one has to marvel at the number of break-ins. I don’t believe that it is just me. Frankly, many people I know have lost money and valuables in a burglary, a snatch theft, car break-in or theft.

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What do you think? Is your home in Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley safe?