The Sun: Building a civic society.

My most recent outing in the Sun newspaper, where I discuss how Malaysian contemporary society lack civics, and have very little awareness about our constitution:

Civics is not important just because it teaches us how to behave in our country, it also teaches us our rights as citizens and how the legal system works. It is almost an everyday occurrence when we see the inadequacy of understanding on how our legal and constitutional system work among our leaders whenever they say something, whether it is on how our government works, the function of the Cabinet, the powers of the municipal authorities, the duties of the civil service, the list goes on and on. And because the public has little knowledge of Siviks to fall back on, we just accept what is said as the truth.

How is your knowledge of civics and our constitution? Do you think we need to reintroduce the subject? Parents, how much of civics do you teach your children? Comment below!

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