The myth of multitasking

Out today, my take on multitasking, backed up by science. And it goes against the grain of what I was taught in yoga. Don’t multitask too much, folks!

I never understood how multitasking makes one more productive. If someone talks to me while I am on the computer, I have to stop what I am doing and then divert my attention to the speaker.

Research has shown that the human mind is not meant to multitask. A 2009 Stanford research study got college students to complete experiments that involved switching between tasks. The researchers expected frequent multitaskers to do well.

However, the results revealed the inverse. Regular multitaskers did badly at all three tasks. Even more damning was that only one experiment involved multitasking. This indicated that even when they focus on a single activity, multitaskers use their brains less effectively. So much for being productive.

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