New journeys in music

Initially, I guess I started this blog to promote my livelihood, namely yoga and fitness. But to be honest, even though I have the knowledge, I find it difficult to write listicles or informative articles on asanas or how to lose weight when you’re over 40. So in the end, I just am putting up what I publish in the Sun, sometimes my new classes or new endeavours.

So in the end this has really become an online log of my activities and thoughts. In the spirit of this, I am putting down my thoughts on my latest endeavour, namely to learn a musical instrument.

This came about because of my recent musical compositions on Garageband, uploaded on to Soundcloud. After struggling with mixing, I looked at Bass Gorilla and was tempted to sign up for the Music Theory for Electronic Musicians by Varien when I thought, “What the heck! Why not go all the way!”.

Okay, so I learnt the piano up to Grade One (which I didn’t sit for) when I was a teeny tiny child, and I have totally forgotten how to read notes (how traumatic was the experience?!). I wasn’t keen then, and I am not keen now to go back to the keyboard. I have never been keen on the guitar, which left only bowed string instruments and wind instruments (not brass).

At first, I was considering the violin. Then I actually heard some very bad violin playing and decided against it. To be honest, I had initially thought of violin because of the size and pricing, not the sound so much (even though the sound is not unpleasing).

My top choice of instrument would be cello, but the price is prohibitive. Second choice would be oboe but it is not a popular instrument and it is hard to find a teacher and I was also told that the reed could be problematic.

My game plan is to begin in September. What are your thoughts? What should I go for?