Langkawi – Days 4 and 5

On our penultimate day in Langkawi, we decided to head up to the Crocodile Farm. Far less scary than the snake sanctuary, I had thought. Finding the place, like the snake sanctuary, was not as easy as one expected. But the drive was scenic and enjoyable. When we finally did reach the croc farm, we were pleasantly surprised by the openness about the place.

Unfortunately, the crocs themselves looked a little sad. Some of them had lumps on their bodies and toes (claws?).

There was a wooden walkway over a huge pool of crocodiles. I was thinking those pieces of wood was not enough separation between me and the crocodiles. There were also interesting signs stating “Children must not sit on the railings”. I wonder what prompted that sign…?

There was also a crocodile with a bit of a hairlip, poor guy. Apparently he needed to be fed like the baby. Ironically, his brother was the star in the croc show. These two weighed a tonne or more.

Then the croc show started. The assistant looked like Khairy to me. The show was pretty alright. The highlight was the putting of the guy’s hand into the croc’s mouth. According to another friend, the highlight of the show he went to was putting of the man’s head into the croc’s mouth. Hmm…

When we were done, we headed north towards the coast facing the Thai islands and the Indian ocean. This was a beautiful drive as well. We found an enchanting stall by the pebble beach, which sold some old-fashioned food. We had an ice ball there.

By the beach were loads of monkeys. They were not shy, and apparently were quite mischievous when it came to stealing food and vandalizing cars.

We were so close to Thailand that Maxis began sending roaming messages to our phones. The islands nearby belonged to Thailand. I guess this was the place where the tsunami hit.

The guy who set up the stall there had sold off everything in Kuala Lumpur to begin business in Langkawi. Made me wonder if I should do the same…

Across the road was a waterfall. This was really pretty amazing, especially at the top.

I would have wanted to go to the Seven Wells waterfall, but it was getting late. So we just stopped by Harbour Park on the way back to the hotel. Apparently, this is where Dr. M has his home.

This bit of harbour was quite tastefully done, notwithstanding its giddy colours and tourist trap disguise. Further down was a beach, where there was an un-dismantled set for a show.

The next day, we had a morning to kill, so we headed down to Pantai Chenang again.

Should I pack my bags and work from Langkawi?