GVA: Outrage at racist blogger


Blogger Sammy

Blogger “Sammy”, reported to be a 22 year old employee in a Kuala Lumpur advertising firm, was reported to have posted anti-Indian sentiments on her blog,Life is a Drama. The blogger posted her comments after she claimed her mobile phone was stolen by two alleged Indian youths when she was having lunch on Sept 23.


The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has since called on the police to take action against the blogger for her racist comments. Hindraf’s Penang coordinator, MN Anbalgan, and information chief, S Vadi Velan, lodged a police report in Butterworth against the blogger’s posting. Anbalgan was reported to have said:

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Just a note from the author: please keep in mind that if you write racist things ‘in retaliation’ against what Sammy said, you are no better than her. And if you are not brave enough to use your real name, you are even worse than she is. Goes to show the horrible state of racism in Malaysia.