Detour: Fraser’s Hill 05 (Part 2)

I spend the days driving around, or walking around taking pictures. We even went to places and roads I had never been to before. That’s not to say that Fraser’s is very big, it’s actually quite small, but there were so many little corners and nooks I had never known existed before. E and I even spent a breezy sunny afternoon sunbathing on a paddle boat on Allan’s Water. Surrounded by the green tropical virgin forest, the climate was exactly how I wish the climate would be like in Kuala Lumpur. I ended up getting burn shoulders!

Fraser’s Hill hasn’t changed much in the fifteen years I’ve been away. It’s still quiet and rustic and quaint, what with the many authentic and old colonial bungalows scattered everywhere. The old coffeeshop was still the same (pic below), with its large round marble tables and wooden chairs, friendly proprietor and reasonably priced food. The Tavern had some pretty good cake, although the coffee was sadly weak.

The Glen (pic above) still looked as inviting as it ever did, sitting aloof on top of a little hill overlooking the golf course. I was keen to go on one of the forest trails, but in the end, we hadn’t any time. I definitely look forward to heading back again.