Detour: Fraser’s Hill 05 (Part 1)

I went on a mini-holiday to Fraser’s Hill recently, and decided to couple that with a little bit of work. The end result is basically that I can’t re-produce what I am doing for that article here. However, I do have some extra pictures, so I guess this will end up more as a photo blog than anything else.

Thank God, no “House of Wax” experiences for us!
On the way up to Fraser’s Hill, which is somewhere between the two more famous hill resorts, Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands, my friend E and I got lost. Frankly, I’m not too sure if we got lost in Selangor on the way up, or in Pahang itself, in which the hill resort lies. All I know is, we ended up in many many places which was tremendously developed, but was empty and ghost-town like (picture above). It amazed me how many new shophousing areas and residential areas lay abandoned all over the place. Even more amazing was nice new smoothly tarred roads which hardly seemed to be used, contrasted to the bumpy and busy old trunk road.

We finally got to the road leading up to Fraser’s Hill. Before passing by the good old Gap resthouse (pic below), we came across one of the country’s reservoirs. Scenic as it was, I could see why the authorities were concerned about water provision, considering how low the water level was (pic above).

Fraser’s Hill has so many childhood memories for me, and I was so pleased that I was finally going back after all these years. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a room in the Glen bungalow, the railway bungalow we always used to board at. We had to settle for the Pines Resort (pic below), which ended up being a solid and economical choice. With three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, a huge balcony, and a tv and fireplace, the place was a steal at RM110 a night.

From the balcony of the Pines Resort, I was amazed at how swiftly clouds sped by, as if it were late for a meeting. Sometimes, late at night, I watched colourfule aweful thunderstorms taking place at lower levels than where I was. This kind of spectacle was hardly something I am used to viewing, truly an awesome experience, if ever one gets the opportunity…

One can see bungalows peeking through trees from a distance

The Police Station, erected in 1919

The Town Centre Clock Tower

Stream on the way to the Jerai Waterfalls

Jerai Waterfalls

Old government quarters

Government holiday bungalow, appearing quite abandoned