The Sun: Why is 90 days maternity leave too much?

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Boy, this one got some negative feedback. I wrote about how businesses tend to be prone to say “no” than to look for a solution to the problem, using the 90 days maternity leave called on by National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE). One letter in particular was published in the Star, claiming my “article” (*cough*column!) was not well researched and one-sided. Seems to me like the lady didn’t read it properly, proving my claim that businesses (in this case, business person) are lazy

There was one other email which kind of blasted me for reasons that I won’t publish, as they have a ‘seditious tendency’. I do agree with his points though. Unlike the lady in the above paragraph, he read my column and understood it, and explained certain other tendencies of certain cultures liking to have babies every year. Fair comment, I think.

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