TRX Force – the 12-week programme

I purchased the TRX Force Kit some times back in late 2012. I should have finished the 12-week programme at the end of December but because of my other workouts as well as hectic and very active work life, I only managed to finish the programme today.

The programme is pretty tough, even though I went through the Rip:60 60-day programme (but they are both different styles so although they are both suspension trainers). The TRX Force brought results almost immediately and the core development for the programme is phenomenal. With the additional of the conditioning programmes and standard fitness assessment (the type of which the exerciser has the option of choosing) made the programme gruelling.

Some exercises I found pretty unsafe, especially if the exercise doesn’t have good core strength. The Push Press and the Hip Hinge to Push Up, for example. But then again, by the time one is doing these exercises, one is in the final phase of the programme so… I also found myself doing a normal pull up with a bar rather than wasting time adjusting and readjusting the straps for the TRX pull up.

Overall, I found myself getting more stable also during yoga and pilates, I think partially because of this programme. I do recommend the product though, I found I gained better results than with other suspension trainers.