The Sun: What Price For An Even Surface?

My most recent column on the state of the roads in the Klang Valley, a hazard for all motorists and cyclists.

I am very happy that groups like this exist and that social media has caused an uprising of activity among civil society. Soup kitchens, help for the homeless, aid for the elderly, compassion for animals and a huge host of social causes have come to the forefront because of social media activity.

In this case though, I am cynical that any long term or sustainable solutions will arise. I get it. Shoddy workmanship means another round of patching and another round of invoicing and a greater stream of revenue.

How do we stop businesses from thinking and behaving this way? After all, it affects the wellbeing of the road users, not only a stakeholder, but also a customer, as it were.

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What are your thoughts on the road conditions in the Klang Valley?