The Sun: Mummy, Daddy, Give Me An ‘A’

Honestly, I am going to sound like an old fogie but I don’t care. Some parents nowadays are making life a misery for others!

This is such a far cry from the times when my lecturers and tutors would tell a student to leave the room if they had not prepared for a discussion. I recall a lecturer having said, “You are wasting my time, you are wasting your friends’ time and you are wasting your parents’ money. Go now and only come back if you are prepared.”

From what I heard, this is not the way things are now in private education. What happens is the parents go ballistic and insist their child is of the highest calibre and that it is all the lecturer’s fault. Nowadays, the institution’s administration calls in the lecturer and the latter would be told to rectify the matter, or else!

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