The Sun – Earning enough to save

My recent thoughts on the expensiveness of Malaysia:

If the current generation of retirees are facing a tough time, it is no wonder that people are concerned about the coming generation. The retirees mostly rode the early 1990s boom, and yet survived the recession of the late 1980s and late 1990s. Their generation had the belief of staying in one secure place of employment, yet make bits of side income, giving tuition or investing in the stock market or other forms of investment. And aside from this, they saved.

The current generation do not have this experience. When jobs don’t pay us enough, we move on. Things are so expensive, we have no choice but to spend and not save. Just going out, we probably would have to spend between RM10 and RM50. How is it possible for us to save?

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What do you think? Is Malaysia an expensive country? Can you save enough to retire comfortably?