Sustainability and fitness

My most recent column was published today in The Sun.

I’m going to put forward a simple definition. Let me start by taking it down to the micro level. What does it take for a human being to be sustainable? I’ll be a little controversial here and say that she just needs to be healthy. So, eating right and exercising right, staying away from processed foods and products, this makes a human being sustainable.

Simple, right? By eating and drinking correctly, a human being consumes stuff that is good for her. Natural foods, as opposed to processed foods, on the whole tend to be more environmentally friendly, emit less pollution during their production cycle, cause less suffering for the animals, etc.

All this is pretty sustainable living, not only for the individual in question but for the environment and for society.

By exercising frequently, again the human being builds and maintains a sustainable body, requires less pharmaceutical products (thereby again contributing less to the manufacturing process), and if the individual exercises outdoors, the individual is more likely to develop a better appreciation for the environment and environmental issues.

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