Slipping into the New Year smoothly.

I’d like to share two posts with you for the New Year (to me, it still is the New Year!). Hopefully both will help you in having a great 2015. Both are written by my guru, Manoj Khaimal of Manasa Yoga.

  • The first one, “S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Our Resolutions” was written last year and published on Elephant Journal. It really is too rich to summarise! Just go read it!
  • The second one, “A Short Meditation To Harness Your Infinite Possibilities”, written this year and published on Mind Body Green. It has been described as a “Hindu Johari Window”. I love this one, as it deals with Tantra and Shaktism. Just go read!

Happy New Year!