New journey: Bodybuilding 😲💪🏽 (Supplements Part 1).

Supplements I guess is kind of a must when it comes to bodybuilding, otherwise it is difficult to get enough protein that you need for the sport. Much as I was sceptical, I decided to embrace the whole culture. So I began taking whey isolate in September 2017, before I got Kodin on as a trainer.

Before I continue, I won’t write much about why whey is good and the differences between those. You can read those up on Muscle & Strength or

I opted for whey isolate because I felt it was “purer” and “cleaner”, if you will. I saw the difference in practically a week, especially the deltoids began to get bigger and more defined to my eyes. Later on, Kodin told me at this juncture I didn’t really need to, as the usual whey protein (concentrate or hydrosolate) includes other amino acids (but we just don’t know how much etc). For more on the difference, click here.

When I began training with Kodin, he suggested creatine, and when I had enough money, glutamine. I began taking creatine around in October 2017, and after about a week, I noticed a difference, about the same time frame it took for new results to show when I began taking whey.

I think it was end of October when I began taking glutamine. I have to say that the effects of glutamine was amazing. I rarely experienced any kind of DOMS after workouts at all. But the best thing about glutamine was it really helped when I got my elbow injury in early November (which kinda lasted until recently).

The conclusion is that supplements have definitely made a difference in my progress with bodybuilding. Looking forward to experience more! 💪🏽