New Journey: Bodybuilding 😲💪🏽 (Part 2).

During my first session with Kodin (see Part 1 for the intro), we tackled chest, and boy did we ever tackle chest like I have never tackled it before. Kodin believes in simple bodybuilding methods and modalities, but the contraction at the top of every movement was a killer.

I have been working out in gym since my 20s, although I took a hiatus from the gym when I began to coach bootcamp and also got more serious with my yoga practice. After working out with Kodin, I realised that I had totally neglected the contraction at the top of the movement, and just been going through the movements (although the movements were well executed, according to Kodin).

We began with a short cardio stint, followed by some static stretching (super old school, love it!) and then we hit the racks! We did five exercises for chest only and by the third one, I could barely hit 12 reps past the first set. I forgot how it was like having a workout partner, and I actually kinda miss it. With someone to spot you, whether friend or trainer, honestly it is so much easier to go that extra mile (or rep!).

I admit by the fourth exercise, part of me was wondering, “When will we be done?”, while another part of me wanted more more more! By the time the session was done, I was not only totally spent, I was hungry as a horse! I went home and chugged down my whey protein and had a can of tuna to boot!

My insta story during shoulder workout

In the interim between sessions, I did the body parts we didn’t do based on Kodin’s workout programme. I admit, working out on my own without a workout partner or a personal trainer does not have the same intensity, although I did my best to not slack.

I like how my back is looking

During the second session, we did a back workout. This wasn’t as tough as the first workout, and upon reflection, it could be that I just wasn’t triggering the right muscles during chest exercises. Saying that, the back workout wasn’t easy, especially the barbell rows. And as ever, just like with the chest workout, my back was aching like crazy.

The last session we did was shoulders and soon it will be legs. The focus now is on clean bulking, which means a closer look at what I eat and the supplements I need to consume. More of that later.

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