Introduction to dōTERRA’s Yoga Oil Collection.

My most recent talk at dōTERRA Malaysia (and probably my last for awhile at least) was on the Yoga Oil Collection. I admit that when I first experienced the oils, my very first impression, I wasn’t particularly impressed. Since I got them and began to experience them more and more, and since I started putting together this talk, I realised how amazing they really are.

Anchor, Align and Arise are the three oils in the collection. Anchor is the steadying blend, Align is for alignment (naturally) and Arise is the enlightening blend. All three blends have incredible (and pretty expensive) oils as components. To be honest, these oils are perhaps even better for meditation, but moving meditation also works!

I hope everyone learnt something and also had fun at the talk!

If you are interested in learning more about emotions, essential oils and yoga, and how they make an incredible practice, come over to Our Small Kingdom (OSK) in Subang on 18 May at 3pm for my next public talk! See below or contact me directly to learn more!