Cheapening of education

Greg King responded interestingly to my column, “Mommy Daddy Give Me An A”, via email. What he had to say was interesting, but is his opinion only, and not mine. Greg said:

Hi Daniel,

I found your article Mummuy, Daddy, give me an “A” very interesting. Todays students and Education system are under so much pressure to perform at all costs.

The corruption of the system is now endemic. The levels of corruption across the system and in institutions we traditionally accept as icons is without precedent.

Last year in Australia the media exposed the level, forcing institutions traditionally admired as pillars of our society to reveal just how much they have failed us.

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Across Australia¹s major newspapers it was being reported how students undertaking what were once rigorous degrees were cheating. Family wealth, money was the path to a degree, a postgraduate qualification and even a PHD.

The same seems to be the position here in Malaysia. Not just from “mummy and daddy”. People who access to significant money are buying entry into degrees.

Recently I was made aware of how you can buy entry to an accelerated Masters qualification which leads to an accelerated PHD from a foreign University.

It seems even the professors are in on the scheme. To get a PHD you generally need a masters qualification. No problem here in Malaysia you can get an accelerated masters. Just pay some money.

Don’t have time. Well someone else can write your thesis. Great cut and paste job. Don’t have time for the required investigations, testing, analysis of your proposition. Don’t worry interview 15 people that will suffice to test your proposition. Yes 15 is a rigorous sample. Don’t have time for the interviews, don’t worry a researcher will do that for you. Need to present your Viva. Don’t worry if you know the right people, the Professor who supervisors your Viva will lead you through its presentation. Don’t know your subject, don¹t worry the helpful Professor supervising the Viva exam will lead you through.

Aside from Greg, I had a number of other interesting responses. What are your thoughts on this?