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The Holy Land -Part 1.

We went into Israel by bus via the Allenby Bridge crossing, so we passed by Mt. Nebo in Jordan, where Moses saw the promised land. There is a small chapel on the mountain (pic above), and the view was just amazing (pic below), you can see the whole of the Jordan river and the dead […]

Jetting here and there: Dubai

I have been very busy. Busy beyond belief, truth be told. This post has been ready in draft form for ages, but I haven’t had the chance to size the pictures. Anyway… My camera hasn’t been with me all the time nowadays, unfortunately, and when it has, it has faced quite a bit of adversity. […]

Detour: Fraser’s Hill 05 (Part 2)

I spend the days driving around, or walking around taking pictures. We even went to places and roads I had never been to before. That’s not to say that Fraser’s is very big, it’s actually quite small, but there were so many little corners and nooks I had never known existed before. E and I […]

Detour: Fraser’s Hill 05 (Part 1)

I went on a mini-holiday to Fraser’s Hill recently, and decided to couple that with a little bit of work. The end result is basically that I can’t re-produce what I am doing for that article here. However, I do have some extra pictures, so I guess this will end up more as a photo […]

Putra Jaya through a phone lens

When I bought my new Sony Ericsson K300i a few months ago, I thought it’d be fun to do a whole blog just using my camera phone. Of course, it won’t be as clear as my Nikon digital camera, but I thought it would be good to mix the technology, see the results, and if […]

Detour – Thailand 05

I had great plans for a wonderful blog on Thailand, when I discovered I was to go earlier this year. It has been ages since I visited there: I was nine the last time I was in Bangkok, and I was fifteen the last time I was in Hat Yai. I hadn’t been to anywhere […]

Detour – Kuching 04 #3

We decided to take it easy the next day. I was feeling quite washed out from the day before, especially the amount of running I did in the rain. So we just had a very very lazy breakfast, then I took my camera down to the town centre to explore. One of the first things […]

Detour – Kuching 04 #2

The next morning, we woke up at a decent hour, and headed out for brunch. I dashed out to a little traffic junction nearby, just to take a photo of another cat monument (“Kuching” means “cat” in English). There is a cat monument right in front of the hotel, and just two streets down was […]