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Dirty sticky stalls / The writer in me

This post has two titles. Soon, you’ll understand why. While doing some cleaning spring cleaning on my computer, I discovered some unused photographs that I took for a particular article several years back. Firstly though, I do not hold myself out to be a photographer. I have to admit, however, that I did learn a […]

Mooching Around In Malacca (Part 1)

My personal experiences with Malacca has always been a little off-kilter for a Malaysian, I think. I mean, I learnt all about it in school, all about how Parameswara came over and set up camp on the peninsular, and all that. And how Hang Li Poh and friends came down from China as a gift. […]

Rainy afternoon down south

No, not Johore… Sepang, more like… Recently, I’ve been doing a bout of travelling within the Klang Valley for photography for an article (all of which were not used for the article, unfortunately). With a deadline looming, and rainy weather, one Saturday, I prayed hard, and headed off to Putra Jaya and KLIA. It was […]

Bangkok in my nose

I just got back from Bangkok, and boy, was it polluted, unlike my last visit about two years ago. Anyway, the trip to the LRT station, and from KL Sentral to the LCCT and from the LCCT to Bangkok were all smooth. The new airport at Bangkok was also pretty amazing, very brutalist architecture and […]

Jetting here and there: Amman + Petra

I can’t believe I wrote this two years ago. This follows my adventures in Dubai, but before my travels into Israel. I kept this aside, hoping to sell an article on Petra, and finally I did, now available in the Jan/Feb issue of PYO Holiday. Here is my personal write-up, with pictures not available in the […]

Mooching around In Malacca (Part 2)

It is possible that I might want to retire in Malacca. It has so much character, and offers so much heritage and yet has modern amenities. And who wouldn’t want to retire in a place which has some kind of character? Saying that, all the things I find curious and charming are most likely pedestrian […]

The good bachelor

In October, I signed up for a silent retreat at Maranatha House in Tanarimba Janda Baik, on the border of the Selangor and Pahang state line. The retreat was set in a property development, which had country homes of people who have much more money than I do.


Recently, before I left my old job, I had the opportunity to go up to Ipoh. However, since it was a rushed trip (I mean, how can anyone enjoy holidays done during one teeny tiny weekend?), I only managed a few photos. And since the two days whizzed by so fast, I just remembered it […]

The Holy Land – Part 2.

The following day, we checked out of Nazareth, and headed northwards to Haifa. We went to Mt. Carmel along the way (right pic), where Elijah defeated the prophets of baal. The chapel on the hill was really beautiful. We ended up in Jaffa, where Peter had the vision of the food coming down from heaven […]