Bodybuilding & food update.

Since November 2018, I began to suffer from terrible hives. I actually had my first experience of this when I was in Europe when I was 19, and again later now and again when I was continuing my education in the UK. These hives now and then got so bad that my feet swelled and couldn’t fit into my Doc Marts, and they were incredibly itchy. I remember I used to walk around the flat swathed in Calamine Lotion to ease the itch! Soon, I surmised that it was a cold allergy that took place whenever I came in from somewhere really cold into somewhere that was centrally heated. One antihistamine and that solved the problem!

However, about four years ago, I experienced it once again in Malaysia while walking through a shopping mall. I was so shocked, because there was no great change in temperature, but again, I didn’t think much about it and went awhile on antihistamines. It took place from around November again and ended by the end of December, if I recall correctly.

Miserable with half a swollen lower lip! Once the hive popped up on my upper lip!

The same thing occurred in November of last year, but it got so bad that I began intaking antihistamines every twelve hours! This was bad! Finally, I went off to the doctor and he diagnosed that I was allergic to the antibiotics they fed industrialised meat! As you all (and the doctor) knows, I began bodybuilding in serious throughout the year and been consuming much more meat than I ever have. It’s practically present in every meal!

The doctor pointed out that I was allergic to sulphonamides, something that I discovered when I was very young. He said that industrialist feed animals, especially poultry, sulphonamides in their feed to keep them healthy. Eating a bit of meat now and then wouldn’t affect me, but the toxic load over 12 months plus caused my allergy to bloom in all glory! So I am on a meatless diet now, in fact mostly vegan!

So I guess my bodybuilding journey now needs a rethink. My first priority is to detox fully as my histamine level is really high, and my liver may be overworking. For this purpose, I have been using Zendocrine® to help detox myself. This dōTERRA blend supports healthy liver function and helps the body get rid of unwanted substances. Because the soft gel capsules aren’t available in Malaysia, I have been rubbing topically over my liver area before sleep.

I still am working out as before, but I am hoping that there will be some way I can move back to integrating yoga mat practice into the mix. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, a lot also depends on my schedule post CNY. What do you think I should now do? Tell me in the comments!