The Sun: Better sleep equals better workforce.

My most recent outing in the Sun newspaper, talking about sleep deprivation and how it affects our workforce:

A 2002 study done by the US Army Physical Fitness Research Institute found that these functions decrease by 25% for every night when there is no sleep.

I’m not sure if employers really care about this. I remember the times, when I was a fresh graduate and newly employed, nobody left the office at the usual 6pm.

A respectable 7.30 or 8pm was more often the case, and of course, the later one leaves, the more respectable it is!

Who cares if your brain is functioning at 20% of its usual capacity and you’re more likely to make mistakes that need to be cleaned up all over again the next morning.

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Do you get a full good night’s sleep? What do you do for that?

If you don’t, why not? What measures have you taken to try to get a good night’s sleep?

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