Hey mid-lifer! Are you ready to make this the greatest chapter of your life?

Hello, I’m Daniel Chandranayagam,

also known as “danyoga.fit”. My goal is to help you thrive in your midlife awakening with yoga.

With more than a decade’s experience in yoga and fitness, I can help you on your journey to gain clarity, calm and confidence so there is an awakeningrather than a crisis – in your midlife.

Your midlife is a time when things seem to be settling down. Your career or business is probably stable and growing, while your children are probably at an independent age. You find you are slowly beginning to understand yourself more, and you’re thinking it’s time to invest in your wellness, and also for your years ahead.

Well, you have come to the right place!

Embarking on your fitness and wellness in your midlife is an amazing endeavour. Think of all the successes you have now – you can easily translate them into your new venture of yourself.

Even better, when it comes to your fitness and wellness, you are only managing your own self and your own body – no crazy teams of people to navigate and manage.

You definitely can do this. You may come across a few challenges, but challenges aren’t to be feared. Am I right?

There is no greater time than the present to begin to get active, learn to manage your emotions, and move towards what could be the best time of your life!

More about me.

Hey, I am in my midlife myself. I have discovered the quality that yoga, fitness and mindfulness tools have brought to my experiences. Moving better helps you feel better in your body, and that translates to your mind as well. And that helps to build confidence and calm.

We both know you deserve so much better, and we both know you deserve to feel better in your life. And there are tools for this! I thrive on teaching you tools on how to cope and journey towards calm, clarity and confidence in your mind and body.

With my knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, fitness coach and reiki healer all rolled into one, let’s work together in a yoga mentorship journey to help you build a better body and mind – right now and for your older age.

Transform your daily narrative.

The Mindful Mornings Mini Course helps to set up your day for calm, a crucial step towards a more fulfilling and peaceful midlife.


Aside from personal training, my early fitness career was in boot camp. Highlights of my career are in the right column.

Actually, looking back on my career, I realise I have accomplished so much, and yet I feel I have so much more to do!

My goal is to get you to move you muscles mindfully, so that the mind-body connection grows stronger. This has so many benefits, including ageing well so you can enjoy your finest chapters of your life.

If you struggle with emotional issues – aside from other forms of therapy – yoga breath work, meditation and reiki healing may help you.

Aside from yoga offerings, I currently also offer personal training (especially for men seeking to combat andropause) and energy healing, specifically for animals – see below.


  • teaching yoga to the visually challenged
  • instructing yoga and fitness at a shelter for girls from troubled homes as well as children who are trafficked
  • “Yoga for Runners” and “Yoga for Athletes” workshops with FISAF Malaysia
  • writing a “Yoga for Runners” series for Running Malaysia magazine
  • being featured as a guest teacher in MURFEST 2017
  • successfully running a charity fundraiser for the Furry Friends Farm, my favourite charity.

Major certifications:


Usui Reiki

Levels 1 & 2 (Reiki Healer). Energy healing that helps soothe the body and peel the emotional layers to understand your true identity.


ACE Mind Body Specialist

Including yoga and pilates for special populations.


E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance

Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance, with more than 200 hours of experience.


ACE-certified Personal Trainer

Lapsed certification arising from the 2020-2021 pandemic – but with years of experience to bolster the knowledge behind the certification.

Besides yoga and fitness, I also am also a writer and editor. My academic and professional qualifications are in law (LLB (Hons) / Gray’s Inn).

Read my yoga articles on Elephant Journal:

Besides being a yoga teacher (and personal trainer, and reiki healer), I also used to write for a living.

Now I still write and help other wellness experts with their writing, but I mainly channel my writing creativity into yoga articles.

Check out my profile and pieces on Elephant Journal below.

Other ways I can help:

Animal reiki.

The Writing Warrior.

Pet owners have a challenge understanding what their pets need, especially when the pets are ill are are close to passing on. Reiki – a form of energy healing – is a way we can send healing to our pets, and sometimes also communicate with them, and form a deeper connection with them.

Sending reiki to your pet – whether ill or healthy – always has a positive outcome.

Learn how to engage your audience and build your online community through better writing. This will enhance your fitness and yoga business in the noisy virtual world.

Before I began my yoga and fitness career, I was writing full-time. Let me help empower you to write your messages for your online communications more effectively.